Running clears my head.

I can’t hear anything but nature and my own heartbeat.

This is one of the things that I do to be my best.

The outside world can get complicated but I don’t want that to complicate me.

The world pushes one kind of beauty, I ignore it.

To me, healthy is beautiful.

I’m not interested in copying celebrities or taking drastic measures to feel good about being me.

I’m an original, with my own original beauty.

I remember what my best skin was like – healthy, youthful, resilient.

What’s even better – I see my best skin coming back.

Asea’s Renu Advanced is the key.

It’s essential to my redox lifestyle.

It’s NOT complicated, which is great.

Who has time for a six or a seven step process.

I’m not interested in high maintenance skincare regimens.

For me, it’s got to be simple.

It’s got to work with redox.

My skin is part of me and my own original beauty.

Get your best skin back.

Renu Advanced – optimized redox support for your original beauty.

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